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Examples & Tips

Using Search

  • Only web sites which have been visited by users of the Netcraft Toolbar at least five times within the last six months will be shown in the search results.
  • Only the hostnames of the sites are stored, not the contents of the sites.
  • The search is not case sensitive.
  • For the best results, do not use space separated words.
  • To refine a search that returns too many sites, try limiting the search by Simple Search. Then search on a word that more precisely describes what you are looking for. The output of a previous search may be helpful in deciding what word to use.


The search program can take patterns containing the valid domain name characters A-z, 0-9, '.', underscore ('_') and minus ('-'). The ':' port specifier character, and some metacharacters;
  • * matches any number of characters.
  • ? matches a single character.
  • [ ] matches on specified characters; eg. [aeiou] matches any vowel.
  • All other characters are removed from the search string.
If a pattern with no metacharacters is supplied, then the behaviour is as if there was a wildcard character at each end of the pattern, eg. "Disney"

Try Some Examples

  • Sites matching "ActiveX".
  • Sites in "*". Note the "*." at the start of the search pattern to force a match within the domain.
  • Top level domains that have their own web server: "www.??" and "www.???". Note that '?' matches any single character.
  • Oracle web sites in the country specific domains: "*.??" and "".
  • US State government web servers: "www.state.??.us".